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Austin, Texas

Red Bluff Austin


© Studio Luck 2019


In 2015, Bernt and his current partners embarked on the development of an urban resort, to be built on a unique site overlooking the Colorado River in Austin, Texas, where Bernt lives.

Across the river lies a park, a thicket of green stretching as far as you can see. Yet the site is less than ten minutes from downtown Austin.

The resort is designed by Matt Luck who has evolved as a major force in design architecture after a seven-year stint with Rick Joy Architects in Tucson.

The resort will be operated by a high-end boutique operator based in Asia, and it will include an iconic spa / wellness experience, and a members only club. Somewhat delayed by Covid and related issues, the resort is scheduled to open in 2026.

First time I saw this site, one of my partners took me to the back of a motorcycle repair shop located in an abandoned warehouse along Red Bluff Road. Stepping out into the light from the warehouse, I found myself standing on a ledge overlooking the Colorado River where it is not regulated. Across the river this park, not a power line in sight, nor anything even remotely reminiscent of the urban area this is part of. King Fishers, Herons and Cormorant nesting in the foliage of the trees I was looking down on. Similar to the lands at Dunton and Amangiri - this was an easy decision…

All renderings © Studio Luck 2019




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