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Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton, Colorado



In 1993, Bernt moved to Telluride, Colorado with the idea to find a suitable piece of land for the development of a mountain resort that would reflect the colorful history of the American Southwest. When Dunton Hot Springs, an abandoned mining town near Telluride became available for sale, Bernt teamed up with a friend, Christoph Henkel, to purchase it.

Today Dunton reflects much of what the two partners believe in. It provides guests with a strong experience of Colorado’s past, when trappers and gold miners roamed the Rockies, often settling in remote areas. Subtext plays an important role in Dunton, as what you see when youfirst arrive is not what you get, once you settle in one of the 10+ log cabins, each having adistinct story and look of its own.

"Developing Dunton Hot Springs as a high-end resort was both a great opportunity and a challenge. The predictable image was a Western town the way we know it from the movies. We decided to take another approach. I had read much about a specific period of time – between 1825 and 1845 - when the beaver hat had become fashionable in Paris, and trappers from all over the world roamed the American Rockies. It was a peaceful time. The trappers were true adventurers, and they tended to get along with native Americans. So, we based Dunton on a trapper’s village, with teepees, tents and log cabins. Their interiors are eclectic, reflecting the diverse background of their ‘original’ occupants."





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