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Rio Tempisque, Costa Rica

Rancho Humo

In 2017 Bernt was asked by the owners of a 1,000-acre cattle ranch and bird sanctuary, to create a feasibility study for the development of the property as a high-end resort with a residential component. The property is located in Costa Rica, on the mighty Tempisque River. At that time, it came with the possibility to add a small sister property located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The program Bernt developed for this vast property, focused on its location on the banks of an iconic tropical river, and on the bird sanctuary and cattle ranch surrounding it. He saw the opportunity of a resort experience that did not exist in Costa Rica on this scale, including breakfast high above the land in a signature bird-viewing station. A surprise component included the option for guests to spend a day on the beach just a short hop by private plane away.

rja_rancho humo_ viewing tower new_platform_edited.jpg

© Studio Rick Joy

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