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When Bernt Kuhlmann oversaw the development of  Dunton Hot Springs, he drew on the imagery of log cabins he knew, in  Austria, Italy and Switzerland. He then added eclectic interiors, using furnishings and fabrics from all over the world. 

In programming Amangiri, Bernt Kuhlmann used the walled cities of North Africa as a model. It was adopted by the members of the design team, and it is reflected in the layout and massing of the finished product.

The inspiration for the cluster of cottages on Spectacle Island relates directly to the traditional 'fish camps' found along the rugged coast of the Canadian Maritimes. 

While those inspirations are of importance, the process of distilling them,  sublimating them, and then weaving them into the main story, is where a new (and possibly brandable)  resort identity emerges.

An integral part of this identity is subtext, or 'programmed discovery', i.e. the notion that there is always more - to what a guest sees at first glance.

Bernt Kuhlmann applies this concept of 'programmed discovery' to all aspects of a resort's  design,  development and operation.


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