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Company Overview and Mission:

Worldwide, a large supply of high-end resorts, has given travelers and second-home owners, many attractive choices. Therefore new or updated resorts gain from being recognized as irreplaceable assets, i.e. properties that are unique on so many different levels, that they have no competition anywhere.

Bernt Kuhlmann, principal of Lifestyle Resort Solutions, has been instrumental in developing two signature resorts that qualify as irreplaceable assets: Dunton Hot Springs, in Colorado,  and Amangiri​, in Utah.  

His latest project is Spectacle Island, a private summer retreat in the Canadian Maritimes for couples and small groups. It is scheduled to open in 2013.

Dunton was rated Best Luxury Resort in the U.S. by Travelocity in 2009. Amangiri was awarded Best Resort by Travel and Leisure in 2011.

Lifestyle Resort Solutions helps resort  developers, and owners of real estate with strong development potential, to create powerful identities for their properties.

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